Tiffin Service In Gurgaon

Gurgaon, the tech city of India After Bangalore, is the district locating in the state of Haryana, India. Gurgaon, basically divided into two parts, i.e. rural Gurgaon and Gurgaon city, geographically. The Gurgaon area is nearing southwest of Delhi, the capital of India, and a few minutes’ drive away from IGI Airport, New Delhi. Gurgaon is the city of opportunities and development in this era as it is being the tech and real estate hub of Northern India. One can find a varied number of persons here, as here lie people of all economic levels, and from students to corporate personalities to giant investors. There is a huge number of opportunities as well as a crowd to offer your services.

We launched our homemade tiffin service in Gurgaon before 2 years. After succeeding in it, we maintained a cloud kitchen, which is now serving around 1000 people daily, as we are dealing with corporate lunches and caterings too. We are having our kitchen in Sector – 14, 22, 24, 33, 44, 48, 49, 56, Gurgaon, and serving all nearby areas too. While being in the foodservice industry, our quality and taste is our main focus and to deliver a qualified and full value meal in an economical budget to all is our priority. While comparing us with others, you’ll find tiffin service near me on top and better due to our quality, service, and customer central policies.

On time Delivery with Hot Food

Our on-time delivery service will never let you wait for your food. We have a concept of delivery girls too, were needy, or passionate girls, who lie to deliver food, are enrolled for delivery service, and enrolled for senior citizen’s food delivery. In that way, we help the girls under the women empowerment policy, take care of our senior citizens in a more generous way, and launched a new concept of delivery girls too. All our delivery boys and girls’ services are commendable as our clients always stay satisfied with food delivery timings. Each and every tiffin delivered to you is packed in a steel container, and then in an insulated tiffin box, so the food we serve will stay fresh till reaching you and stay safe in the steel box packaging.

Hygiene Maintain Kitchen

Maintaining homemade food quality is a great concept but maintaining hygiene Every time is the greatest concept ever. In our kitchen, the most and highest rated things are to maintain food quality while maintaining hygiene at all levels. Either it is chopping of vegetables, or it is cooking any dish or just dishwashing, each and every guy in the kitchen must be completely dressed and properly maintaining the hygiene. The personal hygiene of kitchen staff is also checked regularly before entering the kitchen every day. No visitor is allowed to enter the kitchen without permission of higher authorities and no dine-in concept as we serve a through cloud kitchen. In our kitchen, you never find stale food as we maintain our inventory and cook fresh food in a controlled quantity.

Low Wastage food

That is the reason, we don’t waste food and never serve stale food because we don’t store it in our kitchen. For maintaining our food quality, we use the FIFO model, which states First In First Out. The stock comes first will cook first and will out for serving. We never store more than 5 days of groceries. Vegetables and dairy products are received fresh on a daily basis from our suppliers as per inventory.

Once in a week, we cook food for charity as per our financial budget and let it serve through any NGO or serve it in an orphanage or old age homes, as we believe our prosperity comes when we serve for needy and serve it without any charges. Small things make big differences, as our one meal lets many people fulfill their hunger, and our tribute is the smile they had on their faces after eating. In that way, the amount you pay to us, its small portion went for a noble cause on these days. While talking about our food, we have a variety of Indian homemade dishes, which we serve in our daily menu. Menus for daily lunches and dinners are totally different and rotational throughout the month.

Regional Menu

We added dishes from all regions of India, and we serve multi-regional to multi-cuisine food so that you get a healthy meal as well as a tasty meal too. We provide multi-cuisine and regional food as we have chefs who are perfect in a multi-cuisine menu. In one day in a week, we provide a special menu at lunch and in dinner as it is necessary to change the taste and eat something different from the regular menu. On that special menu, we cook any cuisine’s special dishes to fulfill your tongue’s taste buds.

Flexible payment policy

We have the easiest payment policies as you can pay us cash, via Paytm, via Google Pay, or any other payment option, we accept all. For the cancellation of tiffin, we are always opening and did not let you indulge in hassles. Anytime cancellation is available and the outstanding amount is returned within 72 working hrs. We are the one in the industry who runs cashback or refund policy as you will find no other tiffin service returning money but to compensate through meal only. Though we do don’t really need this policy as we have the goodwill will have one a client always our client. We enroll clients daily, but none of them opt for others after choosing us as our qualified service and valuable deliveries never let them break the meal chain with us.