Tiffin service in Gurgaon sector 95

Kirmizi Food ensures that the meals are not only healthy but also appealing to the eye and palette. We believe in giving surprises and breaking the monotony, so our menu changes daily and features over 40 dishes that change every day. That includes a variety of vegetables, dal, soups, raita, rice, rotis, salads, and snack items. The same food prepared in canteens or restaurants can be tasty but is generally oily and big on your pocket and less concerned about hygiene. Kirmizi food tiffin service in Gurgaon sector 95, New Gurgaon, and Manesar area will give you an all-time available option to food accessibility, wherever you want it, anytime.

We use only good quality ingredients in our food including olive oil /Mustard oil.
The people in our Customer Relations are your friends. Always available and Very cooperative, we take pride in our service.
Our nutritionists have mastered nutrition and are well versed with what our body’s daily requirements are and plan meals accordingly. We are able to serve diabetic meals as well!
Ordering meals is very easy with Paytm/ google pay facilities available on our tiffin service. For meal(s) Cancellations for any day, please check our cancellation policy on the website.
Our kitchen has been approved license by FSSAI thereby increasing the credibility of our brand further.

tiifin service in udyogvihar

Sign up for tiffin service in Gurgaon or join us for tiffin services from your sectors/areas, we will not say a ‘NO’. We deliver just everywhere.
Affordable prices
Customized lunch and dinner tiffin services start at just Rs.85/- The food that you eat is healthy, yummy at the same time it’s affordable.
Fresh ingredients
Every day fresh vegetables of the best quality are procured to ensure that the food that you eat is good for your health.
No Artificial Colors And Preservatives
We did not use artificial colors, preservatives, or pre-cooked gravy to make food look attractive but only use natural ingredients eligible for colors and preserving.
Experienced cooks
Our cooks have more than a decade of experience in the catering industry.