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Tiffin service in Noida

tiffin service in noida

Homemade food is our weakness, and there is no denying the fact that a healthy and mother-cooked meal is something we yearn for. It is especially those who live far from their homes. We accept it; After work or college, it is not always possible for you to cook. Would you like to cook after coming back from university or office at eight o’clock? No, no, we are not talking about cooking Maggi. The big thing is chapati, vegetables, dal, raita, and salad. Are you already feeling tired? Here is what we offer, the best homemade tiffin service in Noida. Talk about Tiffin Services in Noida, and we are here to serve you wherever you are (but for now in Noida). There is countless tiffin service in Noida but why trust us? Well, because we do not just ask to offer homemade food, but we guarantee you a perfect taste, hygiene, and feeling of being at home making homemade dishes.

Why do customers love our tiffin treats? Well, this is the easiest question of all. Ask yourself, if your mother cooks your food, would you ask her why I should eat it? never! This is because a mother cooked it for her “Ankho ka Tara”, which she never wanted to hurt but wanted to serve the best. This is the only reason why people love our Tiffin Treat. Food cooked in the kitchen like you, the food we distribute is made with the love of the mother who takes care of the essential nutrients in your diet. When the mother cooks at home, she makes sure that you eat healthy cooked food in proper hygiene. This is one of the reasons why our customers prefer our homemade food delivery to roadside or restaurant meals in Noida.
At Tiffin Treats, we promise to provide 100% nutrition to the food you prepare. Our everyday meals include afternoon and dinner services. To talk about food, each tiffin contains 3-4 chapattis, a vegetable, rice, and lentils. Not to brag about it, but our food is liked by everyone who has tasted it. We are proud to serve food to our customers.

tiffin service in noida
homemade food delivery service in noida

Food and Health is the matter of interest for most of the people today and realizing the need to create awareness and spread the right information to society. As a known fact that diet and exercise go hand in hand, so we have professionals who deal with sportsmen, individuals who are obese or victims of lifestyle issues- to name a few- diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, PCOS, etc. and active/exercising sector of society. They educate and conducts seminar/workshops for corporates like banks (HDFC & Standard Chartered Bank), BPOs and MNCs on the ‘Right ways of eating and living’. She also takes workshops on Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation. Our professionals strongly believe that one needs to understand their own body and food habits to bring about the required changes that last forever. No fad diets, No starvation, it’s just about eating the right food at the right time. This is what they train you about through the Diet sessions. Your health is now in your hands.