Tiffin Service in KOTA

kirmizi Food Services is an online homemade food delivery service available at the door. We cater to PG students and individuals who require a healthy best tiffin service in Kota. In addition, we offer home-cooked food delivery to offices that accept bulk orders only in Kota.
We are a technology-supported homemade tiffin service because homemade food is made in the new-age tiffin. If you like North Indian Food, South Indian Food, Chinese food which is homemade food in Kota, then we have the right solution for you. Really convenient online tiffin service in Kota.

We allow users to select packages and preferences to avoid attempting to choose food from the menu every day. We send fresh homemade food in the form of tiffins at selected times, supported by buyers-set priorities. Our large pool of technology and home chefs ensure that the food served is often not repeated. We also confirm the need for feedback and at the end of the day identify user preferences for better service. We hope you enjoy this new offering from the Kirmizi Food team.

We understand your consciousness about your health and it is our priority to never compromise with the ingredients used in the cooking process. Our household food comes during a type of mouth-watering delicacy; There is a fair amount of protein, essential minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates to support your daily nutrition.
Our veg meal will definitely satisfy your taste buds as they are the simplest of quality seasonal vegetables. The food tastes fresh and is non-greasy unlike standard restaurant food and is available in disposable boxes for lunch and dinner at an affordable price.
We understand that someone away from home remembers their mother’s hand the most. Therefore, we ensure that you get the satisfaction of eating tasty, yet healthy homemade food. Now start your monthly tiffin service in Kota with us to enjoy a fabulous homemade meal!

Online Tiffin service in Kota


For busy folk, planning, then executing a structured diet becomes cumbersome and therefore unstable. Stress or choosing what to eat at every meal and therefore the monotony within the food can distract you from your fitness goals. Overloading of data also does not help in the method of simplifying appropriate choices.


Kirmizi Food – Your reliable quick service that extensively studies nutrition and curates menus to meet your fitness goals. Food is served to you for lunch / dinner, proper portion control, ensuring fresh ingredients, great taste and intense type of cuisine. Choose from an idea to fit your fitness goals and luxury into nutritious meals every day.

Why us?

We are a team that loves food and believes that every meal is a chance to nourish our body and soul. We offer a proliferation of membership plans – balanced and personalized 3 meals per day, guaranteeing results and great taste and wide variety.


In our efforts to ensure that only clean and authentic food is delivered to your door, we have implemented state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities including temperature-controlled kitchens. In addition, our direct alliances with leading homemade food delivery services provide us with an edge in unorganized food delivery services. We follow sanitation and hygiene standards approved by the government to make no effort to maintain cleanliness.


Our customers along with fellow Indians will always be important to our business operations. To ensure that the requirements leading up to your door have zero heat risk, we have deployed heat-insulated distribution vehicles. In Kirmizi, monetary gain will always be our primary goal, the chief – to give back to society. We do not hesitate to ensure that the under-privileged are taken care of. That is why we have decided to share a large part of the profits to take care of the families of the brave and brave freedom fighters and martyrs who laid down their lives for the nation. Our aim is to bring 360⁰ change in the current economic and social conditions and make India on the world map.