about us

With a Foodpreneure of about 2 years during this field, we at Kirmizi Food is now Deliverit have flawlessly ensured customer satisfaction in each and each deal as a result of striving to form ourselves better continuously.

We have purely mastered the art of pampering your taste buds with our sumptuous, nutritious, health and pocket friendly meals. You’ll trust with orders of any scale and type together with your preferences and would gladly look out of each specification for you. Faithful our promise, we serve the simplest food in town that’s healthy and hygienic also. We are a team that works with a group of common values and goals.

The machinery that we use is of premium quality and cleaned and maintained to make sure safety and hygiene every minute. From water to rice to flour, every single ingredient is meant to be of the finest quality, grown under optimal conditions promising healthiness with arresting tastes. Our master chefs are brimming with passion and love for what they are doing. Clad in gloves and aprons, they create magic with fire, a magic that the majority of others are going to be unable to match up to. Since the whole atmosphere of our workplace is spic and span, you’ll put your mind to rest about any quiet contamination. The packaging is completed efficiently to make sure that there’s no spillage during the method of delivery.

Food goes beyond being a necessity for survival; it is often how of expression, drugs, or tons of another multitude of characters. The thought that goes into making food is reflected when it’s served as clearly because of the exposure of the cuisine it hails from.

We serve food right off our cooktops, steaming hot and alluring. The packaging preserves the heat and by the time it reaches you, it’ll be at the right temperature to be enjoyed with friends, family or maybe alone.

Our delivery services have been extended to the town. As we still grow in terms of recognition, quality, and prompt services, we don’t lose track of our main aim – to supply rich food at affordable rates.

So what are you waiting for?

Our mission is to interrupt the parable that healthy food can’t be delicious. We encourage wholesome eating that has a mixture of Carbohydrate, Protein & Fat. But, also offer specific options in Balanced Meals to suit varied dietary requirements.
We are keenly focused on 3 aspects – Health, Taste & Convenience. To form healthy eating sustainable we offer cost-effective, flexible subscription plans that assist you to plan your meals and schedule them as per your specific dietary requirements.

Our Food Philosophy

We are a team that loves food. Every meal is a chance to nourish our body and soul. Therefore every meal is formed ensuring maximum nutrition and great taste.
All our meals are calorie counted and portioned, ensuring wholesome nutrition. The meals are hygienically prepared and packed in disposable containers. Ingredients used are seasonal and fresh. Every dish on our menu is curated considering balanced nourishment and big variety.
You will find the use of healthier ingredients is utilized for the preparation of things on our menu.

Eating Healthy Everyday

We believe “eating healthy” must be made a part of our daily lives. it’s to not be followed as a fad. So as to form eating healthy every day a convenient option, we provide a spread of subscription plans.
Subscription plans allow you to plan meals of your option to fit your schedule and dietary requirements at discounted rates. Mount to experience the textured and flavored food that we provide. If you’re a foodie, then you’ve got found your heaven right here with us!
Get hand-crafted food every day, on time at your home or office.

Preparation & Packing of Food

Cooking is craftsmanship fuelled by enthusiasm and inventiveness. At the purpose when great fixings are added to the rundown, at that time the result is actually out of the planet, which is that the thing that happens behind the entryways of our kitchen. The dishes are cooked superbly for the faultless surface. We zest them with intriguing flavors, and therefore the little bit of various tastes is that the thing that creates the rich, adjusted and scrumptiously mouth-watering.
It is then stuffed, sizzling, within the cleanest way imaginable. The dishes are independently stuffed in order that they don’t are available in contact and destroy each other’s taste.

Quality of Ingredients

The specific heart of cooking is the fixings utilized. Once they are of premium quality, the flavors raise a step higher. Distinctive dishes require diverse kinds of fixings in them to prolong their best.

We’ve loaded abreast of all of the assortments of rice to line up each rice-based dish that you simply can consider. The vegetables and flour are crisp, and therefore the beats we utilize are normally developed, overflowing with supplements.

We are just utilizing RO water for our cooking which is cleaned and treated. You’ll be guaranteed that you simply are being served the foremost ideal quality nourishment.

We have absolutely aced the craft of spoiling your taste buds with our lavish, nutritious, wellbeing and pocket benevolent dinners. You’ll trust with requests of any scale and type together with your inclinations and would happily affect each detail for you.

According to our guarantee, we serve the simplest nourishment around the local area that’s sound and clean too. We are a gaggle that works with an appointment of normal qualities and objectives.

The hardware that we utilize is of premium quality and cleaned and maintained to ensure wellbeing and cleanliness consistently. From water to rice to flour, each and each fixing is the best, developed under ideal conditions promising great wellbeing with capturing tastes.

Our lord culinary experts are overflowing with enthusiasm and love for what they are doing. Clad in gloves and covers, they create enchantment with flame, an enchantment that the majority others are going to be unable to coordinate too. Since the entire climate of our work environment is spic and traverse, you’ll put your psyche to rest about any kind of bullying. The bundling is completed proficiently to ensure that there’s no spillage amid the procedure of conveyance.

Nourishment goes past being a requirement for survival, it is often a way for articulation, a medicine or a substantial measure of another huge number of characters. The likelihood that goes into making sustenance is reflected when it’s filled in as plainly because the presentation of the food it hails from. We serve nourishment ideal off our cooktops, steaming hot and welcoming. The bundling jelly the glow and when it contacts you, it’ll be at the perfect temperature to be delighted in with companions, family or maybe alone.

As we keep up growing regarding ubiquity, quality and provoke administrations, we don’t ditch our fundamental means to offer rich nourishment at moderate rates. So what are you sitting tight for? Bounce on to encounter the finished and seasoned nourishment that we provide. within the event that you simply are a foodie, at that time you’ve got discovered your paradise ideal here with us!