Kirmizi Foods pays great attention to hygiene, home preparation, use of branded spices, the inclusion of seasonal vegetables in the menu, variety of dishes, and much more.

We devote all our efforts to providing nutritionally balanced, low calorie, hygienically prepared, high-quality multi-cuisine meals to our customers. Our food is prepared under hygienic conditions, packaged and served with care, is well presented, and tastes delicious.

Kirmizi Food serves industrial catering on a long term agreement for an unlimited number of customers and consumers.

Our Catering & Allied Services –

  • Corporate Catering
  • Industrial catering
  • Institutional catering
  • Special catering for weddings, occasions, and functions
  • Remote Site Catering and Midnight Meal Supplies
  • Take away the buffet and food
  • Event management and Kitty parties
  • Door Catering and Food Festival
  • Complete facility management and housekeeping
  • Guest House Management and Pantry Operations.
  • Hospital Catering Patient diet (treatment diet based on food).

Skilled and disciplined Manpower

Skilled and disciplined manpower, highest standards of cleanliness, food quality, timely execution, and presentation are our main areas of strength. Despite recruiting the best manpower available, we stress too much to provide them training in their areas of job responsibility. We are strictly following all statutory registrations like ESI, EPF, Service Tax, VAT, etc.

Opportunity to Provide Industrial Catering services

An opportunity to provide services in your esteemed organization/industry / institute will actually be another colorful feather in our cap. To judge our level of competence, we will request you to visit any of the listed organizations at a pre-determined time and for your convenience. We are sure that travel will help you visualize the kind of services we are able to provide and will enable you to make an initial decision.

Kirmizi Food is the leading service provider of Food Catering

We are the leading service provider of catering services which includes an array of associated services. It is run under the able supervision and guidance of our Executive Officer who is a professional in the hospitality industry and has over a decade of rich experience and experience in food production, operations, administration, management, etc. Through knowledge based on extensive and extensive experience in the hospitality and catering sector, we want to position ourselves. As a leading hospitality service provider in the Twin Cities.

Launched in the year 2018, Kirmizi Food provides a range of services in the field of industrial catering and housekeeping in and around Delhi, Gurgaon & Faridabad with vast experience staff from the time of its existence. We have been running our business successfully since 2018. In a short span of time, we proved ourselves and established ourselves as one of the leading industrial caterers in Gurgaon .

Industrial catering Services

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Soft drinks and snacks
  • The fruit Mid-night dinner
  • Breakfast Coffee and tea etc.,
  • Patient diet Special Items

Health and Safety Policy Statement

This policy will say how Kirmizi Food will manage its health and safety responsibilities.

We will manage health and safety:

Controlling health and safety risks at work.

  • Engaging employees on health and safety issues that affect their health and safety.
  • Ensuring where employees work, and any equipment they use is safe.
  • Ensuring that those hazardous substances are safely stored and used.
  • Ensuring that employees, especially new employees, have relevant information and training on health and safety.
  • Ensuring that employees can do their job, and are properly trained.
  • Trying to prevent accidents and work-related health problems.
  • Regularly checking that the working condition is safe and sound.
  • Review this policy regularly and make changes if necessary.

Our system of procurement of raw materials, production and transportation Purchase and Distribution –

We used to purchase quality dry stores from a number of selected vendors and were distributed from our central store in Gurgaon to our other kitchens. Fresh vegetables will be supplied directly from the vegetable market to the kitchen on alternate days and/or as per the subject’s requirement. The quality of dried raw materials and vegetables will be monitored at every stage to ensure quality checks.

Food production, transportation, and distribution – Food preparation is monitored by qualified and experienced managers at every stage of production. It will be ensured that the menu is strictly maintained and the packaged food will be delivered to the customer’s dining hall within the delivery time set by our customers. Cooked food will be tasted by our supervisors before packing and transport. To maintain food temperature and reduce contamination, insulated containers are used. Which has no effect on the external temperature. This increases the shelf life and freshness of the food while reducing the possibility of contamination.

  • All pulses and rice etc. are purchased directly from the wholesale market and are of the category. We are buying from our old suppliers who are aware of our quality requirement.
  • All spices, salt, and oil are branded. We have been using Catch & MDH spices for the last 2 years. Salt plays a very important role in making food. We use the best quality salt to maintain consistency and taste.
  • All vegetables are purchased 24 hours before Okhla Mandi. Poor quality vegetables if all are returned. We change the menu if acceptable quality vegetables are not available in the market.

Housekeeping and Cleaning – The cooking area, vegetable cutting area, dishwasher, store, and other common areas of the kitchen will be kept clean and up after every batch of production. We strongly believe in hygiene and cleanly produces healthy results. Our motto is delicious and tasty food for our customers at worldwide prices. To deliver a well-organized service, we have hired a team of truthful and dedicated professionals in our kitchen and service.

  • Adherence to strict procedures to ensure proper monitoring from scheduled sites as well as from receiving final sites to related sites.
  • Our kitchen is equipped with a commercial RO water plant which distributes about 4000-6000 liters of water a day. Entire food is cooked in RO water.
  • A water softener plant has been set up to maintain the TDS level of the water as per the required criteria.
  • We have cold rooms running on every floor as per requirement.
  • We have an automated bread maker plant.
  • Regular pest control is done in our base kitchen. Our employees are periodically trained by a qualified SGS team to upgrade standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Food sampling is done twice a month by SGS and we share reports with all our current customers.

COVID 19 prior permission
Undoubtedly time is needed to stay safe and keep the environment safe. we are taking all precautions, following all the guidelines issued by the authorities to protect all our employees, our customers, and their associates, as well as any other contacts/visitors who are in the rough. Are associated with us.