The Ultimate Corporate Food Service Experience

Today’s savvy employers and employees expect their corporate dining experiences to surpass the traditional model of a cafeteria with limited selection and service.

As a leading foodservice company pioneered the development of food services for workplaces, including full-service cafes that feature hand-crafted, innovative and healthy menus, Office refreshment services,

Executive dining,On-site and special event catering; Vending options and cafeteria design.

Everyone in the Cafe Services team – including actively involved upper management, registered dietitians, corporate cooks, operations managers, and employees – understands what it takes to maintain our position among the best corporate cafeteria vendors in the nation.

Our passionate focus on providing outstanding culinary excellence, impeccable service, and sustainable business solutions creates an overall value that makes us the best choice to partner with you as your corporate cafeteria vendor.

To provide a “full service” solution to many national-brand corporate cafeteria vendors, only to be reduced with impersonal, inflexible, cookie-cutter offerings. Cafe Services ‘vision is to listen to and understand our customers’ needs, wants and budgets, so we can apply our culinary expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and strong distribution networks to customize food service programs that reflect their corporate personalities Do and get them. Corporate food target.

Our recipe for success begins with an experienced team of expert culinary, hospitality, and operations professionals, whose passion for preparing and sharing fresh food from trusted resources is evident in every aspect of their work.

Corporate chefs with a passion for excellence

Corporate Chef is an experienced culinary expert with a passion for partnering with corporate clients to achieve their goals and make every dining experience a positive, memorable reflection of their brand and values. From daily food needs to big corporate events, our corporate chefs respect your objectives and consider your business as their own.

Beyond Food: Restaurant Inspired Food

The top talent you gain by partnering with kirmizi food services for your corporate Foodservice cafeteria and foodservice needs enhances your image among your employees, corporate customers, guests, and peers. Because everyone in our team is committed to creating and serving restaurants-inspired cuisine that enhances the mood of the dinner, which supports their well-being, empowers their productivity, and contributes to collaboration.

High tech support for your corporate cafeteria

The web-based ordering technology we use helps support the accuracy and promptness of corporate catering orders, and streamlines the entire process from initialization to confirmation, delivery, and invoicing.

Corporate Food Service

We offer a comprehensive and flexible suite of foodservice management programs to accommodate your every need for corporate dining services. In-house execution and oversight of each proposal ensure quality control, customization and accountability, as well as an accurate representation of your corporate personality and brand promise.

The contemporary café of today’s most successful workplaces has been designed, built, and operated to encourage employee productivity and well-being. Modern corporate dining areas go well beyond the offerings of their traditional cafeteria predecessors, with diverse menus and fresh, locally sourced, restaurant-inspired options prepared by corporate chefs and served by attentive food professionals. Diners can choose from a wide variety of balanced meal-making options including fresh seasonal fruits and vegetab and more.

Our award-winning corporate chefs are known for their savory dishes and artfully presented serving stations, with a variety of creative entrees and juicy side dishes. Our chefs enjoy creating theme menus to celebrate the holidays or to identify and promote special milestone opportunities for their firm, brand, or employees.

You cannot bring any fresher directly from the local farm!

We regionally transform a portion of the cafeteria into an on-site Farmers Market to showcase local produce grown or grown by regional farmers and vendors. This fascinating presentation of sour foods at the local level is appreciated by busy employees who get the opportunity to buy a nutritious diet that can be eaten immediately, or brought home to their families. Our “Buy Local” farmers market events support the regional economy and demonstrate our commitment to providing customers with locally flavored quality food with local vendors.

Benefits Rise of the company Subsidized cafeteria benefits

Although employee benefit policies vary from firm to firm, many companies seek to retain top talent, providing their employees with the valuable benefits of subsidized food, or subsidies for the purchase of food. When employers make a full or partial contribution to the cost of food purchased on their employees’ business premises the result is a reduction in benefits – or in some cases, the cost of food for employees

An important benefit of on-site dining for firms and their teams is the time savings that enable this, as people are not required to leave the building to eat. Modern corporate cafeterias help facilitate on-site dining and working lunch, as well as comradeship and team collaboration among staff members, as they gain the opportunity to share conversations while dining together.

Corporate Food service & Catering

Our three types of state-of-the-art corporate catering services are thoughtfully designed to meet every culinary support need of your officers, employees, customers, and guests.

Everyday catering ensures that your team has easy access to high-value, cost-effective support for their daily business food needs. Practical examples include guest presenters at staff breakfasts, conference breaks, and team collaborations such as work lunches and lunch-and-learn events. An in-house, on-demand catering resource facility also saves your employees from wasting valuable time and energy and pays for food from outside vendors.

Event catering ensures that everyone attending your corporate event will enjoy an extraordinary experience that reflects your corporate personality and sets you apart from your peers and competitors. Our seamless management of every detail – from customized decorations to cooking service to polished service – enhances the event experience for your employees, customers, and guests, and makes your seminars, conferences, banquets, and parties highly memorable.

Executive dining ensures that executives can enjoy made-to-order menu options catering to their unique tastes and preferences, which are served judiciously and expediently according to their schedule and privacy requirements.

-No, on this occasion, our full-to-in-house provision of reliable, fresh, healthy food meets the diverse menu needs of your employees and their guests. We take pride in accommodating omnivores, vegans, vegetarians, and people with diabetes, food allergies, or who require gluten-free fare. This dedication to dining distractions makes everyone rich.

Benefits of Corporate Catering by Cafe Services

In-house catering support represents a valuable commercial asset on many levels. You acquire a strategic partner who understands your brand identity, mission, and goals, and works to efficiently meet your budget and schedule to meet your daily, event, and executive dining needs. The single-source support and accountability you receive from hospitality professionals who really care about your success works to increase your team’s productivity, improve your firm’s image, and boost your bottom line.

Our high-tech yet practical system for convenient online ordering makes it quick and easy for your team to order food for corporate meetings and corporate events. Web-based orders through are a streamlined way to receive prices, confirm orders, reorder schedules, and simplify invoices. We can also adapt technology to facilitate recurring commands for regularly scheduled functions. You always have the option to speak with your food service director for special occasions and custom orders.

Customized menu preparation

Our experienced chefs are culinary experts who welcome restaurant-inspired, attractively presented dishes that burst with flavor and make diners feel well satisfied. We can provide you with options that fit your budget and include your food selection, satisfying your guests’ dietary needs, food allergies and preferences.

Seasonal fresh food

Our chefs take pride in making high-quality dishes of seasonal ingredients that are locally sour as often as possible.

Flexible ordering facility

We offer you many flexible options for ordering your catering. Just use our online customized technology; Or contact your dedicated food service manager by email or phone, or personally collaborate with our culinary professionals. Our lead times are also flexible, enabling quick accommodation of orders for breakfast, lunch, or breakfast.

Trusted in-house staff

You can depend on our well-trained and motivated staff of Kirmizi Corporate Food Service Culinary and Hospitality professionals to serve as your strategic partners. We hire only top talent with proven industry experience, and provide them with thorough training and excellent benefits, to maintain their loyalty and ensure a positive return on our investment.

Outside of typical full-service cafeteria hours, employees in many organizations are required to have around the clock food options. Microcircuits fill this need in the form of freestanding, unstaffed cafes that enable shoppers to select and purchase food items through a UPC scanner and cashless self-checkout system.

Customized for Employee tastes and preferences

Kirmizi Corporate Food service workers diligently inspect and stock each micro electric with fresh new offerings throughout the day. Continued engagement with customers to address their response, along with attention to detail, helps us know which foods our corporate customers like – and when they like them – we Keep their favorites in-stock, fresh, and ready to consume – as needed.

Space saving optional

Mini market sizes and layouts can be customized to fit your available space. Firms typically locate one in proximity to their corporate dining area as an alternative, self-checkout food source for busy employees and guests.

Office Refreshment Services

You and your staff will appreciate the refreshing convenience of our professionally designed and made coffee and beverage station. We can manage everything from installation and same day service to contemporary brewing equipment and reliable water filtration systems; Supply and delivery of products, including many on-trend brands of coffee and tea.

Office Vending Services

Our custom vending services represent a 24 × 7 facility and solution to empower the productivity of the working people at your facility. Our team of vending professionals provides full-service support that gives you a steady revenue stream, and what your employees ever use for brand-name snacks, drinks, and refreshments. This support includes reliable, cost-effective vending equipment; Around the clock maintenance; And a complete assortment of snack options from trusted brands.

Corporate Food Service Cafeteria Design Services

When your goal is to expand, renovate or renovate an existing dining facility, you can count on the experience and expertise of our cafeteria design professionals to ensure that your project fits your budget and your bottom line. Has been measured correctly to increase. Our experienced architects and interior designers understand the key value-adding elements of café design and construction, including sustainability; Traffic flow optimization; Selection and purchase of appropriate equipment, kitchen equipment, and utensils; And updated decorations and decor.

Committed to sustainability and social responsibility

Many of our Corporate Foodservice guiding principles – or culinary commitments as we call them – revolve around our deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They make us focus on the most important things like including local, seasonal and permanent ingredients in our menu; Maintaining nutritional integrity and quality, And partnering only with socially responsible vendors who share our commitment to quality food and environmentally sustainable products. We strive to help our customers become responsible members of their communities by introducing ecologically friendly and green practices.

We also engage in responsible recycling and seek to minimize waste going to local landfills. To accomplish this, we distribute most of our food waste to local farmers, who use it to feed animals and fertilize crops. We make every effort to use biodegradable paper products and environmentally friendly cleaning products in our kitchens and dining rooms.

Committed to supported health and wellness

Our culinary principals who embody the dedication of the café service to support wellness and health include:

  • We optimize food quality and nutritional value by using appropriately timed methods of cooking
  • We regularly include whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables in our recipes
  • We want to reduce our use of sugar, salt, and saturated fat. We only use heart-healthy cooking oil, and never use fat
  • We try to include locally fragrant, in-season and sustainable ingredients in our menu
  • We display food in a way that inspires healthy food choices