Tiffin Service in Sector 63 Noida

The urge to savor delicious yummy food during lunchtime is something we can all relate to. Without a fulfilling mid-day meal, it becomes difficult to replenish your energy grade; especially for working individuals. These days, tiffin services are smartly benefitting through this need primarily driven by starving customers who are in search of a full-course meal. But have you ever thought how and where do these tiffin services function? What is the level of hygiene they maintain while cooking? Ignorance often leads to hurtful outcomes and blindly trusting a tiffin service to provide a ‘quality’ meal isn’t a smart choice!

Most of the tiffin service in Noida sector 63 promises to offer home-like food. However, there is a huge difference between ‘home-like’ and ‘homemade’, which can be easily distinguished on the basis of quality, nutrition, and essence. Say goodbye to outside tiffin options and try Kirmizi Food, our healthy and hygeinic tiffin operative in Noida. Your lunchtime food cravings can now be conveniently managed with kirmizi food’s healthy meal choices prepared by over 100 home chefs trained in traditional as well as continental cuisine offerings.

Our efforts are mainly focused on the delivery of healthy homemade food which is for sure better than any tiffin service in Noida sector 63. One of the striking advantages of trying kirmizi food is the broad platter of mouth-watering regional dishes that you cannot resist. Using www.kirmizifood.com customers can happily book freshly prepared meals not just for today but also for a future date. In addition, customers also get to access flexibility with the food supply, since both home delivery and takeaway options are available.

As our Tiffin Service is usually taken within the sort of daily meals, and our customers are generally corporate professionals, the best challenge that we encountered is monotony in food and consistency in taste. Hence, we created certain USPs.

  • We give one special Cuisine to our customers a day within the tiffins.
  • We don’t repeat our Menu for the whole month.
  • We serve Green Vegetables thrice during a week.
  • All the pulses that are available within the maarket are served as a part of our regular meal box.
  • Most of our spices are grinded in-house, which provides us the specified flavour, and prevents contamination.
  • We don’t use any Added Preservatives or Processed Food or Harmful Chemicals or Artificial Colours
  • Easy Cancellation policy.

Our Meals are Nutritious & Delicious!! We aren’t dieticians or nutritionists, neither our mothers were, but still they took care of our nutrition properly, isn’t it?