We believe that the food to be eaten should make one’s soul happy. This thought makes us strive to supply our customers with healthy and attractive food. To be the simplest catering service provider of corporate lunch, we work with the commitment to organize food with fresh handpicked ingredients.

Our catering service to the corporate and institutions is out there at an affordable price in disposable boxes. Aside from our regular tiffin service, we also offer a buffet lunch system as per the need of the company/firm.

With the mastery of his magnificent catering to his workplace, Kirmizi food offers a culinary journey that will bring your employees to new heights …

This is where the magic begins

Happy Workforce – A unique business model

Kirmizi Food works wisely to bring a passion for food. Apart from this, it is a proven fact that happy, healthy and easily accessible food increases productivity.

Kirmizi Food offers a continuous solution to think and we help you understand how food can be kept in the form of an important employee price proposition.

In today’s fast-moving world, when breakfast gets rare, we recognize a healthy afternoon food which can give fuel to a day of productivity. Taking advantage of our expertise and our commitment gives you the best, our culinary motion tries to make a difference in the picture of your lunch break. In essence, we help in making a memorable meal, are paused with great conversations, which leave an impression.

Our long-lasting customer relationship, our innovative mentality, and our desire to set balanced and constantly updated dishes make Kirmizi Food outstanding.

Our Quality

  • 8 central kitchen and more than 80 sites kitchen
  • tasty and balanced dishes prepared by the Innovative Chef
  • Space-Plan Specialization
  • World-class Sanitation Standards
  • locally Source products and materials
  • to the most category kitchen equipment large variety Multi-class kitchen equipment

Institutional Lunch Menu:

DAY – 1
Arhar Daal, Gobi Masala / Bhindi Masala / Seasonal Veg, Roti, Plain Rice, Green Salad, Raita / Sewai

DAY – 2
Rajma Masala / Dal Makhani, Aloo Parwal / Seasonal Veg / Cabbage Matar, Roti, Jeera Rice, Green Salad, Halwa / Jalebi

DAY – 3
Chana Dal Tadka, Butter Paneer Masala / Curry / Kadai / Do Pyaza, Roti, Veg Pulao, Green Salad, Gulab Jamun

DAY – 4
Rajma Masala / Kofta, Aloo Matar / Mix Veg / Jhea Chana, Roti, Plain Rice, Green Salad, Sewai / Dahi

DAY – 5
Kala Channa / Chole, Aloo Gobi / Dum Aloo, Puri, Jeera Rice, Green Salad, Jalebi

DAY – 6
Kadi Pakora, Jeera Aloo / Baigan Bharta / Cabbage Matar, Roti, Plain Rice, Green Salad, Bundi Raita