With an experience of about 2 years during this field, we at Kirmizi tiffin service have flawlessly ensured customer satisfaction in each and each deal as a result of striving to form ourselves better continuously. We have purely mastered the art of pampering your taste buds with our sumptuous, nutritious, health and pocket-friendly meals. You’ll trust with orders of any scale and type together with your preferences and would gladly look out of each specification for you. Faithful for our promise, we serve the simplest food in town that’s healthy and hygienic also in our tiffin service. We are a team that works with a group of common values and goals.

Meal Packages

What Better Way To Fuel Your Hungry Tummy Than By Our Meal Packages Designed For Your Mental And Physical Well Being? After In-Depth Research, We Have Come Up With The Best And Budget-Friendly Meal Packages For You.

Mini Meal

mini meal  tiffin service

4 Special Chapati  |  1 Gravy Vegetable  |  1 Dry Vegetable  |  Pickle  |  Hand Sanitizer Rs. 70/- 

Regular Meal

regular meal

4 Special Chapati  |  1 Dal/Kadhi/Sambhar  |  1 Special Rice  |  1 Special Vegetable  |  Pickle  |  Hand Sanitizer Rs. 85/-

Full Meal

full meal in tiffin service

6 Special Chapati  |  1 Dal/Kadhi/Sambhar  |  1 Special Rice  |  1 Special Vegetable  |  Papad  |  Pickle  |  Hand Sanitizer Rs. 100/- 

Halka Meal

Halka Meal

4 Special Chapati  |  1 Special Vegetable  |  Pickle  | Hand Sanitizer Rs. 70/-

Simple Desi

simple desi tiffin service

1 Rice  |  1 Dal or Vegetable  |  Pickle  |  Hand Sanitizer Rs. 70/- 


add-ons of tiffin service

– Salad – Rs.10
– Rice – Rs. 15
– Sweet – Rs.15
– Raita – Rs.15
– Curd – Rs.15
– Papad – Rs.5
– Chapati – Rs.5

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